Since it is impossible to communicate with everyone personally about Emily's progress we will update this blog whenever there is anything new to report.

The Flake children are being cared for by Curtis' mom, Emily's mom, and Curtis's three sisters. The Relief Society is bringing them meals. Their needs are being met very well and Curtis is so grateful for all of your kind offers to assist their family. More than anything else, at this time, they need your faith and prayers.

If you need to communicate with Curtis or the family you are welcome to contact me (Curtis' sister, Angela) via email and I will deliver your message asap -


Saturday, October, 25

Emily had another EEG yesterday. The result will not be available until the middle of next week. We will update you as soon as we know something.

All signs are that Emily is doing very well but, she is still very restricted in what she is allowed to do. Her balance seems to be improving; she's able to walk with much less help and support. Her headaches are still present but are not as painful (these headaches are the norm for her situation and shouldn't cause a great deal of concern).

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Larry said...

We are so excited that you are doing better every day. We are grateful for your blog that allows us to be a part of your healing without putting stress on you and your family. We so appreciate that Curtis called us so we could fast and pray for you! We truly treasure your friendship and want you to know that we love you all and miss you. Please continue to rest and let others serve you. We wish we could do more but know you are being well cared for.

All our love,
Larry and Kelly