Since it is impossible to communicate with everyone personally about Emily's progress we will update this blog whenever there is anything new to report.

The Flake children are being cared for by Curtis' mom, Emily's mom, and Curtis's three sisters. The Relief Society is bringing them meals. Their needs are being met very well and Curtis is so grateful for all of your kind offers to assist their family. More than anything else, at this time, they need your faith and prayers.

If you need to communicate with Curtis or the family you are welcome to contact me (Curtis' sister, Angela) via email and I will deliver your message asap -


Thursday, October 16 (Morning)

I (Curtis' sister, Cathy) left the hospital this morning after spending the night there with Emily. Curtis slept at home and was able to sleep really well for the first time.

Emily is doing amazingly well! She is quite comfortable now that the breathing tube has been removed. Her tongue and throat do cause her minor discomfort, but other than that, she isn't in any pain. She hasn't been on pain medication since 7:00 yesterday morning. She talks with a bit of a raspy voice, but it is no longer just a whisper. The kidney specialist came in this morning and took Emily off the kidney medication. He indicated that her body is healing on its own. Her platelet count rises significantly with every lab report. Emily was excited to receive a visit last night from Elise. Her nurse was nice to let us sneak her in. We'll take all of the other kids, including McKenzie, for a visit today after she leaves ICU.

Despite all that Emily is going through, she rarely talks about her condition, but often expresses gratitude for everyone's help, concern, and prayers. We are so thrilled with her progress and thank all of you for your faith and prayers. It really is miraculous to see her from one day to the next. We will continue to keep you updated.


tjaybelt said...

awesome news. glad she is doing so well. im not suprised she is more concerned with others. if we could all be more like Em

keylimer said...


Becky said...

Fantastic! Emily - we have been praying for you and your family - it is so great to hear the good news. We love you!
The Sturgis Family

Megan said...

Emily, you and your cute family are in my prayers!!! You have been such a great friend to me, I miss our visits at my house. Please let me help in anyway!!! Get better!!! Love, Megan Harris