Since it is impossible to communicate with everyone personally about Emily's progress we will update this blog whenever there is anything new to report.

The Flake children are being cared for by Curtis' mom, Emily's mom, and Curtis's three sisters. The Relief Society is bringing them meals. Their needs are being met very well and Curtis is so grateful for all of your kind offers to assist their family. More than anything else, at this time, they need your faith and prayers.

If you need to communicate with Curtis or the family you are welcome to contact me (Curtis' sister, Angela) via email and I will deliver your message asap -


Wednesday, October 15 (Morning)

Curtis called this morning to report that the swelling in Emily's tongue had gone down enough that the doctors felt good about removing her breathing tube. She is breathing very well on her own and is SO much more comfortable. She's able to whisper now.

Her latest platelet count is up to 54,000; they would like it to get up to at least 140,000.

McKenzie spent her first night at home last night. Curtis' mom and sister, Cathy cared for her and say she was perfect; they actually had to wake her up to feed her. The only unfortunate thing about this is that Cathy (not a mother yet) is getting a very false sense of what having a newborn is really like.


sarahandmatt said...

So, so happy for the great update! Emily must be so relieved to be able to communicate and to not have that awful tube down her throat! We will keep praying that those platelets keep climbing!

Juwmama said...

This is so great! Em - Keep fighting! You are one amazing woman!! :-) Love you!

Dave & Rainey said...

Angela, thanks for the update. Please let Curtis & Emily know we are pulling for them.

Flake Family said...

Glad to her the great news. What an answer to so many prayers. Thanks for the blog. We are constantly checking emails for updates. This is so much better. We appreciate it.

Heather and Austin Kramer

LaughterThoughts said...

Julia is a very special friend of mine, and since she told me about Emily, my thoughts have continually been with your family. You don't know me, but I just wanted to let you know that all of you have been in my prayers... I am praying for your strength and peace, for Emily's recovery, for the doctors' wisdom.

Patricia said...

Your family is in our prayers! Thanks so much for doing the blog.

Patti and Steve Young

Tawnya said...

We are so happy to hear the positive update. You will continue to be in our prayers!